Why Get Coached?

Why not?  Coaching is for EVERYONE!

If you would really love to make improvements, coaching is one investment that WILL pay off.

We coach everyone. With goals. For just about everything.

The cost

What gains do you think you would get from all the bike bling or clothing you own?  To the gains you would get from someone who is knowledgeable, been there and done that, knows what works and what doesn’t and removes the guesswork for you.


Increased confidence

Knowing every time you are on a bike you are working towards making it count.  Not empty miles.  Increased knowledge. You will acquire knowledge personal to you on how to train, what works for you, what doesn’t which is developed over time with you and your Coach.  This is newly acquired information that is yours to keep.



You feel accountable to more than just you.  Your Coach plays a big part in your training, you naturally want to do what they have set out for you.  Plus what you are paying for.



You have support in the form of your Coach.  Someone who analyses your training, knows your capabilities and when to push you harder.  Often something you may not do yourself!


Quality not quantity

You may start to train less but quality increase. Each session will count. Guaranteed. With your Coach ensuring sessions such as high intensity, endurance work and even your recovery days are worked into your lifestyle to ensure maximum results.


Avoid injury and illness

Have you found you get injured when training?  Or perhaps started to feel ill, thought you could train through it, realised quickly you can’t and end up being ill for longer?  A Coach would be switched on to the signs and give you the confidence to adapt your training around these times.


Don’t have time to train

This is one of the biggest reasons a plan WILL work for you.  Your Coach removes the guesswork and ensures your training is quality.


Coaching is only for those elite athletes

No.  It’s not.  It is for everyone. Our clients have many reasons why they come to us.  The door for making substantial gains is wide open to everyone.

You don’t have to be a professional rider.  You don’t have to compete. You don’t even have to have been on a bike in recent times.

Whether you are into MTB or sportive cycling, coaching can make the difference.

You just need to have a GOAL and the DESIRE.


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